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When two young girls in pantyhose start arguing and fighting over a game of cards, the tits come out and a snarling no-holds-barred facesitting and forced pussy licking catfight soon ensues! Lovers of amateur erotic grappling and topless female wrestling will love what happens when Lisa and Harriet bitch slap, hair pull and headlock each other in total pantyhose submission!
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"Like most teen roommates, Lisa and Harriet were used to seeing each other naked and were rather relaxed about being half-dressed as they played cards on the bed. But a small joke about cheating led to a larger argument and soon these sweet topless girls were pulling each other's hair, yelling curses and threatening to kick each other's asses all over the apartment! Dressed in their pantyhose and bare breasted, the two young girls grappled and tossed each other about the room, smashing furniture, breaking pictures and screaming bloody murder. These two snarling wildcats battled and wrestled in a delicious topless amateur pantyyose catfight!"
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Sweet teen bikini sluts locked in sweaty, sexually-charged erotic wrestling and catfighting matches! All hot young amateurs fighting in their apartments and bedrooms for dominance and pussy bragging rights!


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"Bitch!" Lisa screamed at her topless roommate "I'll teach you to cheat at cards!" Harriet screamed in pain as her bare breasted roommate pulled her hair so hard she was sure it was going to come out of her head! With her beautiful young nipples and beautiful young breasts bouncing as she rode Harriet on the bed, Lisa laughed "How do you like THIS!" she sneered "I bet your ugly boyfriend pulls your hair like this when he's fucking you in the ass! I heard you two last night!" Harriet cried and struggled as she wrestled and grappled with Lisa on the bed. Next door the furniture shook, plates rattled and pictures fell off the wall!"
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"Smell my pussy!" Lisa thundered as she grabbed Harriet by the hair and jammed her face straight into the crotch of her pantyhose "I know you've been sniffing my dirty panties when I'm gone, bitch! Now you can REALLY get SOME!" Harriet struggled as she felt Lisa's hot wet pussy grind across her face and the delicious aroma of her hot young pussy filled her nostrils. The two topless pantyhose clad girls fought and struggled on the bed as Lisa tried to grind the soaked crotch of her pantyhose across the other girl's nose and mouth. Harriet screamed and tried to turn her head away. It was becoming a VERY noisy catfight!"
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"With a huge effort, Harriet twisted and was able to throw her topless roommate off of her. She quickly jumped up and slapped a headlock on Lisa, jamming her head right tight against her ass, shouting "Smell my asshole, bitch! You're going to licking that soon!" Lisa struggled as she grappled in the headlock that Harriet had her in, the other girl's tight little asshole mashed against her face. Neither girl ever wore panties under their pantyhose and were both now getting highly aroused by their topless wrestling bout! Harriet could smell both the ass and pussy of her pretty young roommate. It was turning her on...."
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"Eat me, slut!" Harriet yelled as she jammed her bare breasted young roommate's face into the soaking crotch of her pantyhose "Taste my pussy!" Lisa struggled but the other girl was too strong, and before she could understand what was happening she felt herself licking Harriet's hot wet pussy right through her sheer nylon pantyhose. She had never been with another girl before and couldn't understand why she was doing this! Maybe it was the physical stimulation of their topless wrestling and catfighting, or maybe it was just having the other girl's hot young pussy mashed so hard against her face that was overcoming her with lust??? Either way, this topless pantyhose wrestling match soon turned into a pussy licking session that lasted most the afternoon and well into the evening as each girl took turns tasting the juices and wet pussy folds of her beautiful roommate...."
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